Fit of Mind!

This is a place to learn about fitness, challenge ways of thinking, and build the skills you need to see success. This is a community of healthcare professionals dedicated to doing things differently. To doing things with impact, with success.

Why does it need to be
Why listen to us?

Because we’ve been there. We’ve had a sedentary lifestyle, we’ve lost over 80lbs, we’ve gone through career changes and life challenges reserved for Lifetime movies. And we’re angry. Everything needs to change.

You are not the problem – your environment is. Every message you’re exposed to – from loved ones, coworkers, media, in advertising – it’s all telling you what to expect. How to be normal. Where to fit in. That you need to belong. Exercise this way, follow that fad.

So you try the new diet, you try a ridiculous Crossfit bootcamp designed to drop 50 pounds in 5 days – only to hurt yourself. Or to gain it back (and then some). Or to get frustrated and stop attending all together. You end up pushing harder, to what ends? Results that are not sustainable, or no results at all. You get sad, give up, maybe go on vacation or just let life be for awhile. Frustration builds, you get motivated again – excited even – hopeful maybe.

So you reinvent yourself, reinvest and recommit to that new year’s resolution. Get yourself a trainer, build a program, and write a diet plan.

How’s that working for you? Success everlasting, all your dreams realized?


How many times have you tried? How many ways? Are you tired yet?

Would you like to try for the last time?

Because here’s the thing, and you may have heard this before – fitness isn’t about end points. Fitness isn’t about mindlessly breaking a sweat. Fitness is about continued living. It’s about care and prevention. It’s about a state of being.


(co-founder of Fit of Mind)

My passion is to work to help people live in ways they can be proud of. I can’t have the career path I want because my world is so broken for the traditional paths. There is no opportunity to do that job – so I’m going to build it. I want to see you succeed in transforming your body, mind and to be the most rebellious person you can be: by finding yourself.

Why here?
Why now?

Because I’m going to give you the tools to transform your life based on understanding your personality in an innovative way. It’s not just about learning how to eat your vegetables, but also why you avoided them.