Pricing & Services

Small-Group Training


Each 50-min session is built to build strength and challenge your fitness! Teams limited to 8 max, and each training program is customized to fit your team.

Workout on a team to improve focus, get accountability and have fun!

From health goals to how you like to workout, we make small-group training effective!

Personal biomindful training


Improve your mind+body connections for strength and prevent injuries before they happen in 50 or 90-min sessions.

Get more than ‘just’ personal training with customized biomindfulness programming and learn about how to workout more effectively over time.

Sessions include Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), effective fitness programming and basic evidence-based mental exercises to improve your overall health.

Get the results you want, accountability you need, and spend less time doing it. Find your Fit of Mind for lasting, healthy change.

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